Sunday, January 6, 2008

Enlightenment - A word with many meanings

"A Vegan Journey - True Enlightenment"

With the help of Wikpedida I'm able to paste a pretty good definition of "Enlightenment". You might ask why I should focus on this word instead of vegan. I'll get more into the vegan word as I publish posts but the enlightenment part is very crucial to a vegan journey. Over and over again I get the typical questions vegan's get such as "What do you eat?" and "How do you get your protein?" but I rarely get the question "Why?". That leads me to my journey because only as a Human Being with enlightenment can one truly understand the "Why?". I'm also going to need to address the "who, what, why, where and how on this journey but I will do it with as much compassion and understanding as I can.

So let me bring some light to the word "Enlightenment". Wikipedia list many definitions but my favorite short definition is "Total Understanding (of the nature of existence, self, etc)" relating to the the Buddhist religious concept.

This is my journey. Join me if you'd like.

I don't consider myself a Buddist and I don't label myself with any religion. I'm also not sorry if that bothers you because after all this is my blog. On that note, here the small print for my web-blog. I will delete any ridiculous comments. Now I need to go list some of my favorite links and go do something physical. Have a great day and enjoy living.

Link to Wikipedia's definition of Buddhism.

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