Monday, June 1, 2009

Vegan Food List and tips for Maho Bay Adventure

The list of foods that I brought to Maho Bay is to extensive to post here. If you'd like to check it out, please email me. At the bottom of this posting, I listed some information and travel tips if you are going to Maho Bay.

Tips for staying at Maho Bay: Bring lots of insect repellant. There may be a lot of mosquitoes on certain parts of the island depending on when it rains and where you are when they hatch. You can plan on detoxing when you get home if you don’t like bug spray. We live in Florida where we have killer mosquitoes but the swarms in Maho were unbelievable. Wear Light colors clothes and leave anything black at home as those suckers are attracted to dark colors. When the mosquitoes are swarming take off to the other side of the island where the wind blows. Go to Ram Head for a great hike, East End for the drive and scenery, have a veggie burger at Skinny Legs or stop at the roadside spicy vegan place in Coral Bay for me. I’m bummed that is was closed when I was there. Rent a jeep and go to Caneel Bay to see the ruins on their property. If there are no mosquitoes – get out and hike as there are trails everywhere. You do not need hiking boots but it is a really good idea to wear a good pair of hiking sandals such as Keens for some of the off-road trails. Always try to bring your snorkel gear with you as you. Have fun and email me if you have any questions.

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