Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heading North to COOL Ashville, NC

It has been very hot in Florida lately and the rain just isn't stopping. Without the ocean breeze the forecast should just say "sweat, try to breath or go to the beach". So J and are on our way up to the mountains after a busy 3 day work stop in Atlanta. Our final destination will be Ashville, NC but will make some other stops along the trip. Our goal is to do some bike riding, hiking, and check out the local scenery. My vegan food list will be shorter this trip because of the many places to dine! After a quick check on HappyCow.net I've noticed a few listings of places with veg options so we shall see how well they accommodate. Some of the reviews are older so we will also rely on some suggestions from our hosts. I'll be looking for the words "vegan options" or an * on the menu first. Then I'll ask the typical questions and post their answers, photos and reviews after we return. A few resturants we want to visit 8/10 - 8-13 are:

  • Rosetta's Kitchen
  • Laughing Seed Cafe
  • Firestorm Cafe
  • The Green Sage (maybe)

Check back mid August for an updated post. Please email me if you have any suggestions.

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