Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thai Cuisine Restaurant with a Vegan Menu

The next stop on our journey was to pick up our Dad and find an restaurant that had vegan options. Both of us pulled out our cell phones again and started making calls. There was a vegan restaurant listed in Emmaus, PA but she was closed and in the process of finding a new location. After probing her with questions on where someone from out of town could eat she suggested the White Orchids Thai Cuisine restaurant. She gave us directions and told us that they will give you a vegan menu if you ask. Wow! That would never happen in any restaurant where I live in Jacksonville, FL. The restaurant owners here are to archaic in their thoughts. St Augustine, Fl would be an excellent location for a Vegan Bakery or restaurant!

When we arrived at the the White Orchid my Dad told us " I eat that stuff but you will have to order for me. " So we did and ordered a variety of items off their "Vegan Menu" to share. When the vegan tofu appetizer came out my dad had a strange look on his face but proceeded to dip a slice in one of their fabulous sauces. "This is good! What is it?" he said. That brought a smile to my face and a chuckle. Our total order included their Pad Prik King - Red Curry Stir Fry, Pad Gra"Prow - Thai Spicy Basil Stir Fry, Vegan Tofu Appetizer and Summer Rolls (not fried). Most dishes came with Jasmine rice but you could substitute. We didn't have desert because we had Vegan Treats in our car! I'd give this restaurant 5 stars. You can download their vegan menu off their website

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